Cross-border E-Commerce Solution

Under the support of local policy set as incentives to the eCommerce industry and cross border trades, and the fast development and growth of online sales in China, A & S is preparing its cross border online business. Having all the learnings and knowledge about western brands and the local market, A & S offers insightful advice to companies, and intends to bring good reputed and natural cosmetics, skincare and baby care products to consumers at an affordable price.

1. New Poicy in China 2014

As of Feb 2016, China Government has approved 10 cities for Cross-border e-commerce as test zones. Which zone is more suitable for different kinds of goods?

2. Company Registration

New enterprise registration is required. This involves many departments, we provide a one stop solution with world-class China dedicated professional tax advice to cover vision for near and mid-term flexibility, rather than subsequent revisions later on.

3. Website Development and maintenance

Sorry, all the E-commerce or M-commerce websites in China is of Chinese version. A direct translation form your language in your website may not be fit for the Chinese consumers. The format of your existing one may need to be changed.

4. Customs gateway

Nobody should dare get away from customs and tax authorities anywhere. A proper gateway, compliance, and maintenance of the customs declaration is the basis of the business.

5. Cross-border Logistics, B to B to C, B to C

Where is a better storage place for the goods? At the origin or at the destination bonded warehouse? Is goods transferable from one bonded warehouse to the other one?

6. Payment Gateway

Is Alipay the only one? How many more to be applied?

7. E-commerce platforms

It maybe more convenient to pledge to other E-commerce platforms as a start. Who to go to ? Is it quick to get response? How does that work, when to get paid?

8. Operation

Whether it’s our own E-shop or thru other platforms, there’re day to day maintenance, product update, stock movement, replenishment, delivery note, customer service, how big the operation needs to be?

9. Brand Promotion

How do the consumers know that the brand is available for them? Among all the other brands of the similar products, how to attract and expand the base of consumers? Do not want to engage in a big promotion budget, but step by step…