Pre-shipment Inspection, in-Line Inspection

For inspection, we have the following most important qualification and flexibility which is not easily found.

  • Good reputation
    The integrity of the inspection team is well-known among factories that Received zero complaint in the past 20 years from either factories or customers.

  • Professional staff
    All of the inspectors are long term employees with more than 15-year Experience and processed the China qualification.

  • Customised service
    A & S has stable team members for each of the client for better Understanding of the specific requirements with a unique checklist for each type of product.

  • Customers
    Mr. Coffee, Health-o-meter, Universal Electronics inc (One For All), Sunbeam Products, Tapper Candies, Pulse Products, Cloer, Select Brands inc, Salton Canada, Beaumark, Unwired Technologies.